We provide access to our varieties, technologies, and trait components through licensing. Our plant varieties are licensed on an exclusive and non-exclusive basis. If you have questions or you are interested in a tailor-made licensing proposal, contact us.

Variety Tendering Process

Request for Seed Marketing Proposals 2023

Marketing proposals are invited for exclusive rights to the production, marketing, distribution, and sale of Pedigreed Seed for the following crop cultivars:

Use the seed marketing form link below to submit your application.  Note only one variety is eligible per form. 

Line Number Crop Breeder Seed
Minimum Breeder Seed
to Purchase (kg)
5501CBB-3-2 Black Bean 100kg NA*
5177CBB-3-2 Navy Bean TBD NA*
CDC 5779-1 Yellow Pea 850kg NA*
CDC 5947-4 Yellow Pea 900kg NA*
CDC 6083-4 Yellow Pea 75kg NA*
CDC 6138-10 Yellow Pea 75kg NA*
CDC 5928-6 Green Pea 150kg NA*
CDC 1513-2 Marrowfat Pea 200kg NA*
CDC 5856-3 Forage Pea 40kg NA*
X6029-6-S1-S1-1 Soybean 100kg NA*
7005-3 Lentil Med Red IMI 550kg NA*
7333-2-4 Lentil Frech Green IMI 625kg NA*
DT1028 Durum Wheat 625kg 600
BW5098 CWRS Wheat 275kg 600
C16057 Canaryseed 450kg 250
FB21106 2Row Feed Barley Breeder Seed to be
produced in 2023
HB20351 and
2Row Hulless Malt Barley Breeder Seed to be
produced in 2023
2Row Hulless Malt Barley Breeder Seed to be
produced in 2023
*Minimum amount is not applicable at this time

Due to the increasing costs of producing Breeder Seed, we have made the decision to increase our
Breeder Seed cost to remain revenue neutral. Our new Breeder Seed pricing can be found on the
at the link, Request for Breeder Seed. In addition, for some crops, we will also require the
successful proponent to purchase a minimum amount of Breeder Seed (over several years, if
necessary). This minimum amount will vary depending on the crop kind and is identified above.

Proposals for the 2023 tendered lines will be received until 5:00 p.m. CST, March 30, 2023

The CDC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Proponents of proposals accepted by the
CDC will be invited to discuss substantive licensing terms to be concluded within 90 days of the
award; however, finalization of a license agreement is not assured.

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