What’s in a name? CDC Endure oats named to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

CDC milling oat variety bred to endure.

CDC Endure, is a milling oat variety released in 2019 with a strong agronomic package that had the potential to “endure” for many years as a popular variety with growers and industry.

The milling oat variety was developed by Dr. Aaron Beattie (PhD), the barley and oat breeder in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources’ Crop Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Saskatchewan (USask). The variety originated from a cross between 'OT590' and 'CDC Dancer'. After several years of selecting for characteristics like high kernel weight and plumpness, high grain yield, and good lodging and crown rust resistance, CDC Endure officially entered variety registration trials in 2015. 

CDC Endure combines low oil content and high beta glucan levels that are important for heart healthy foods.  It contains a high percentage of groat (germ, bran and endosperm) that is a good source of dietary fiber. The variety has great milling qualities that drives demand from end users.

When naming the variety Beattie said, “It appeared to have an ability to perform well under a diversity of conditions (wet through dry) and it has a moderate form of resistance to the fungal pathogen of crown rust which also appears to be very durable – all aspects of enduring.”

More information about CDC Endure is available through the Government of Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency variety description.


or the variety technical sheet.